1. marauder

    Android Application For BeMusic 6.0

    Android Application For BeMusic is dedicated to BeMusic – Music Streaming Engine Android Application For BeMusic is integrated with high end Libraries which is used for processing your BeMusic script and provides high performance on streaming music. Android Application For BeMusic is a native...
  2. marauder

    Full Applications WoWonder Combined 2.0

    WoWonder Combined is a social timeline with chat application for WoWonder PHP Social Network, with WoWonder Timeline users can Post & Interact with users feeds and like and comment and more , now using the application is easier, and more fun ! WoWonder Combined Version is easy, secured, and it...
  3. marauder

    Poll SMS Gateway - Use Your Phone as SMS Gateway

    Turn your mobile phone into the SMS Gateway for your applications. DEMO -
  4. marauder

    WoWonder Android Messenger 2.8

    WoWonder Android Messenger is an Android chat application for WoWonder PHP social network, with WoWonder Android Messenger users, can chat together on their mobile phones using our new application, now chat is faster, easier, and more fun! WoWonder Mobile is easy, secured, and it will be...
  5. marauder

    Full Applications WoWonder Timeline 2.9

    WoWonder Timeline is a social timeline application for WoWonder PHP Social Network, with WoWonder Timeline users can Post & Interact with users feeds and like and comment and more , now using the application is easier, and more fun ! WoWonder Timeline is easy, secured, and it will be regularly...
  6. marauder

    Full Applications WooBox 10.0

    Make your own online shopping app in minutes! Eye-catching design and super-sleek aesthetics make WooBox the most desirable Android App for your eCommerce Store. WooBox is an innovative set of beautifully build screens and functionality with essential product listing pages to crafting your own...
  7. marauder

    Weboox Convert 6.0

    Features Material Design: Full material design with animated drawer icon, wave and card layouts. Completely customizable in all colors. With subtle animations such as parallax headers and faded toolbars. Tablet UI: A dedicated two-tier tablet layout and immersive insight to read articles and...
  8. marauder

    Google Play App Store 2.0.8

    Google Play Store CMS is an android market site specifically for Google Play Store. You can add apps / games / themes etc in this CMS based on your needs. You can get details such as title, images, screenshots etc of a specific apps / games using our admin page. Features Allow to add your own...
  9. marauder

    Full Applications PS Store 2.0

    PS-Store ( mobile e-commerce ) android application is ready made application for store owner who want to create there own mobile shop. Android App Features 1) Selected Categories, Sub Categories and Products 2) Product Search and Filter 3) Product Details 4) Add To Cart 5) Basket Management 6)...
  10. marauder

    Crypto Trade & wallet Flutter UI kit 1.0

    Development in Flutter is faster than native and the performance of apps is as good as that of those developed natively. Crypto Trade & Wallet contains 30+ Animated Screens with a different type of UI component; this kit can save your time to code all Front end layout and its Easy to implement...
  11. marauder

    Movo 1.5

    Overview MOVO app provides features to see the latest movies, top rated movies, upcoming movies. You can check the movie reviews, trailers, basic information, cast, crew.It works on both iOS and Android. It’s an easy and simple source code to understand, develop and maintain. Features Unique...
  12. marauder

    GoStore 1.0

    Gostore is a search app that allows you to find local businesses and stores from a single or host of locations. As well as a user get exciting offers avail in their areas and different events within their area. Users can search stores and communicate in real time with owners Store and more...
  13. marauder

    Faded 1.9.6

    FADED is a modern App Landing Page WordPress Theme – beautifully crafted for using in any related product in the industry like mobile apps, saas applications, software, digital products, even books or magazines. This theme is fully responsive, so you have the power to make your new landing page...